What happened to Sylius and Commerce Weavers in Q1 2023

It's hard to say goodbye but sometimes it's necessary to move forward. In December 2022, our team bid farewell to the Sylius company, causing uncertainty within the Community. But to those who relied on us, we promised not to leave you behind. And we intend to keep that promise.

With this blog post, we want to reinforce our commitment to the community that we hold dear. So, yes, we may have left Sylius as a company, but we haven’t left you or Sylius as a project. We're still here, ready to take on new challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth. The future is bright, and we're excited to see what it holds - together. Let's see what the past quarter brought to the Sylius ecosystem.

Sylius reached a new ATH!

First and foremost, Sylius has reached its all-time-high (ATH) number of installs! As you can check on Packagist, Sylius has been installed more than ever before. Both February and March broke the amount of installs ceiling, reaching 3300 and 3400 averaged amounts of daily downloads per day, respectively. This news shows Sylius is in good shape and still an important e-commerce player. It shows you still believe in the project, which is all that matters.

Presence at events

As Commerce Weavers, we want to remain an essential part of the vibrant Sylius community. In order to do so, we’ve been part of several recent events.

The first community night in Cologne, organized by QOSSMIC, was a highlight for us. It allowed us to share our passion for open-source and discuss its benefits and challenges with the German community and some of the most known members of the Symfony ecosystem. You can check the recording of that night here.

Later, the same month, at ConFoo in Montreal, we had the opportunity to speak to you about:

We are proud to deliver a few good words about Sylius to North America for the first time, as Sylius was the backbone of each speech.

In March, you could listen to Loïc Frémont during Super Apéro PHP AFUP Rennes announcing approaching changes to Sylius Resource architecture for the first time.

We also want to share our knowledge locally, and what could be a better occasion than one of the best-recognized cross-platform events hosted in Poland?! At Boiling Frogs, Łukasz was presenting our findings again from Sylius’ integration with the API Platform but for the first time in front of a Polish audience. We had an honest and engaging conversation about Sylius and Behaviour Driven Development there.

Local activities

In the meantime, we’ve also organised two (the first and the second) meetups of PHP enthusiasts group called PHPers in our hometown, Łódź. We even sponsored the second one! One of our drivers was to wake up our local community, and both events were a great success in that manner, bringing around 100 people altogether.

Moreover, this year, Łukasz and Tymoteusz are involved in the organization of the biggest event of the Polish PHPers community, the PHPers Summit. It is expected to gather over 1300 attendees this year, making it one of the biggest PHP conferences in the region. We would like to take this moment and invite you to this event. Tickets are available here.

Finally, we’ve been actively supporting a newly emerged event - Dobry Craft - started by our friend Andrzej Duś from Syzygy. As we share love and enthusiasm for properly crafted software, it was a no-brainer for us to join the event, which aims to discuss software quality without any borders - neither language nor framework.

Open-Source achievements

At Commerce Weavers, we also want to maintain our Open Source roots. One of our recent projects involved refactoring the Sylius/RefundPlugin. This project included the following:

  • Making it easier to support new types of refunds, which you can see here. We are proud of that one, as we were able to juggle between weavers to make it happen :)
  • Provide better support for autoconfiguration and autowiring for new stuff, which you can check out here.
  • Improving some additional parts of this plugin library like this or that.

This effort wouldn’t be possible without our client - Austrian agency Fusonic. Special kudos go to their PM, Philipp Schuler, who was the first person to fix a premiere project for our new company. We greatly appreciate that.

We are also working on improving the Sylius/MailerBundler. With the improvement added by Mateusz, you can now modify email based on various factors that matter for your application. He also proposed a new debugging command, which is still a work in progress.

In addition, we are excited to be supporting Loïc Frémont's efforts to bring you a new Sylius/ResourceBundle architecture. With us as thought partners and code reviewers, Loïc is heavy-lifting the implementation of it. We should also thank and mention a French agency Akawaka, sponsors of Loïc's efforts.

Finally, let's appreciate the team working at the Sylius company that was working hard to reduce the number of bugs in the main repository and providing the PriceHistoryPlugin. It brings longly awaited implementation of "Directive (EU) 2019/2161 of the European Parliament and of the Council", also known as the "Omnibus Directive".

Commerce Weavers are growing

We are happy to share with you that our company is growing. What started as just three of us (Mateusz, Łukasz and Tymoteusz) has expanded to a great team of nine talented individuals cooperating together. It means a 300% growth within just one quarter. Working alongside six new team members, we want to provide even more value to our clients and give back to the open-source community.

Alongside the group of people, we’ve also been growing our portfolio. The first three clients for the first three months seem to be a good ratio, and we don’t want to stop there. You could’ve noticed our recent trip to Hamburg if you had followed our social media. We visited there our beloved customer Raiffeisen NetWorld who has built akoro.de - the marketplace for farmers who fuel food production all over Germany. We have been honoured to keep in touch with the individuals behind this project since December 2019. Now, under our new company’s umbrella, we are taking this relationship to a new level. More news to come!

Our next steps

We hope this blog post and our efforts convince people hesitating to select Sylius that it is still a fantastic choice. You can expect more updates like this as we remain fiercely committed to our core values of honesty, open source, and transparency in all we do. We also want to thank you for your continued support.

Do you want to meet us? We will be present at:

  • PHPUGMRN in Mannheim - Łukasz will deliver a speech about Sylius and the API Platform
  • 4developers - Łukasz will deliver a speech about Sylius and the API Platform and new Sylius Resource architecture, while Mateusz will speak about code quality
  • PHPers Summit - Łukasz and Tymoteusz are involved in event organization, while Mateusz will tell you about BDD and its appliance to UI and API.
  • Most of the Dobry Craft events - as we’ve always embraced software craftsmanship rules
  • SymfonyOnline June 2023 - Łukasz will be talking about SOLID and application modularization

And more later this year! But in the meantime, live long and prosper 🖖

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